As an athlete, I've dedicated more than five years in tennis. Instead of experiencing and participating in multiple sports in different seasons, I choose to fully engage in Watkinson Tennis. During the recreational season, I help my friends to develop their skills, and in the competitive season, I am one of the top players in the team. Outside of Watkinson, I also joined a tennis club that meets every weekends.

 About Myself

My name is Jesse. I am an international student from China and I am currently a Junior at Watkinson School in Hartford Connecticut. I am also one of the members of the Global Studies dual diploma program. 

I joined the Watkinson Community since the fall of 2016 when I was a freshman. My interests lie in the global economy, mathematics, and visual arts.

Being a member of the Global study program gives me the chance to engage with other students to talk about the issues that the world is facing these days. The program also provides an extraordinary platform for students to explore and develop on their own interests and focus on their professional area.


My dual culture also allows me to share different perspectives with my peers and to approach the issue in a different way.

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